What is Bellus3D Dental Pro?
Dental Pro is an easy-to-use 3D face scanning and alignment application that has powerful integrated teeth and CBCT alignment functions. Dental Pro can be used with iPhone X and iPad Pro.
How much does it cost?
Dental Pro for iOS is offered as an annual subscription through authorized Bellus3D resellers. Two subscription levels are offered. The Standard Subscription has a list price of $600.00 per year. The Advanced Subscription has a list price of $1,200 per year.
Where do I get Dental Pro?
You can get Dental Pro by purchasing it from Bellus3D authorized resellers.
What are the capabilities of the Dental Pro App for iPhone X and iPad Pro?
Bellus3D Dental Pro is a new dental app for Apple iPad Pro and iPhone X. The new app uses the built-in TrueDepth Camera of these platforms to scan and reproduce a user’s 3D face in under 15 seconds. Once the scan is complete, the one-click alignment function of the app performs lip-line cutout of the teeth and aligns the 3D face scan with dental arch files or a CBCT scan. The final aligned 3D face scan can be imported into dental design software for immediate use.
Which iPhone and iPad models is Dental Pro compatible with?
Bellus3D Dental Pro requires the use of the FaceID/TrueDepth Camera that is integrated within the iPhone X product family (X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max) and the late 2018 models of the iPad Pro (11" and 12.9"). The app is only compatible with these devices and will not scan on earlier model iPhones or iPad Pros.
What is the difference between the Standard and Advanced Subscriptions for iOS?
The Standard subscription provides:

• Unlimited 3D Face Scanning and export into common 3D formats
• Unlimited storage, gallery view, and retrieval of 3D face scans

The Advanced subscription provides:

• All of the features of the Standard subscription, plus
• Automatic alignment of 2 face scans
• Automatic Alignment of 3D faces scan with .stl and .ply dental scans
• Automatic Alignment of 3D faces scan with CBCT scans in .stl file formats
How can I export my face scans?
In the free version the export buttons are not active. The buttons will become active after purchasing a standard or advanced subscription.