Bellus3D Face SDK for iOS Developers

Integrate Face Scanning into your App or Games on the iPhone X!

The Bellus3D Face SDK for iOS Developer Program is for individuals, companies, organizations and institutions who are interested in incorporating Bellus3D face scanning technologies into customized apps for Apple iPhone X.

Free Evaluation Trial

Our iOS SDK is now available for a free evaluation trial. This free trial enables you to start development and feasibility testing for your app using low resolution face models. You are not allowed to distribute the app or face models with this trial license. To apply, please fill in the form below, select "Free Trial" in the request field and we will get back to you once we approve your application. Please note, we do not offer technical support during your free trial period. If you want to continue development after the trial period ends you need to apply for a Paid Development License.

Paid Development License

The Paid Developer License costs $1,000 per year and entitles you to tech support, high resolution face scanning, and software upgrades. A separate Deployment Licence is required to ship your product to end users. We offer different Deployment Licenses according to different use cases. Please select "Free Trial & Full License Info" in the Request field of the form below if you want more detailed information on the Developer and Deployment Licenses. Once we approve your application we will start your free trial and send you information on the paid licenses.

Device Compatibility

Apple iPhone X with OS 11.0.1 or later


Developer Guide (PDF)
SDK Documentation (ZIP)