How to Scan a Face with Bellus3D

3D faces

Bellus3D face scanning allows you to capture a detailed 3D model of a face. Our scans use hundreds of thousands of projected infrared dots to generate a highly accurate face model.

Companies across a wide variety of industries are using Bellus3D face scans for customized products, animation, and 3D printing.

Bellus3D FaceApp is an iOS app that can easily and quickly capture a 3D face scan and then allow you to download a 3D file (either STL, OBJ or PLY format).

The Bellus3D ARC system is a standalone, multi-camera scanning solution that leverages proprietary cameras supporting both RGB and infrared capture of extremely detailed face data. The ARC system takes extremely fast and high resolution scans (~ 3 seconds) and no movement is required by the subject. The ARC system is designed for professional environments and captures over 1M polygons with sub-millimeter accuracy.

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