Customize Medical Devices with Bellus3D Face Scans

You can use Bellus3D Face Scans to customize medical devices to precisely fit an individual person's face.

See how Philips uses Bellus3D Face Scans to help patients select better fitting CPAP masks

See how we use our face scans to produce a 3D-printed Mask Fitter to improve the seal of surgical masks

Bellus3D Face Scans can be created using iPhone or iPad devices that support FaceID, such as the iPhone X and iPhone 11. You can use the Bellus3D iOS SDK to use our scanning technology in your own apps.

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Bellus3D also offers a standalone camera system, the Bellus3D ARC. The ARC connects with a Windows PC to perform scans with a higher quality and precision than the iOS devices are capable of. You can order a Bellus3D ARC camera and start developing applications now.

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